10 Largest Canadian Gold Mining Companies

A decade ago South Africa was one of the biggest gold producing countries throughout the whole world. The formal statistics were established in the 1960s and since then Africa regarded to be the leader among gold mining countries. But it decreased in the mid-2000s. Other countries began to overtake South Africa, because they have large land areas and sophisticated mining operations. One of those is Canada now; it is one of the five largest gold producing countries. So we can find 30 Canadian gold mining companies that had more than $100 million in revenue in 2016 – this number shows that Canada’s gold industry is decreasing. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 largest Canadian gold mining companies.

If we check the top ten companies of the 30, we find that the combined revenue last year was $23.23 billion in total revenue. Experts found that the largest companies in 2016 were : Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd (USA), Barrick Gold Corp (USA), B2Gold Corp, CENTERRA GOLD INC COM NPV, DETOUR GOLD CORPOR COM NPV, Goldcorp Inc. (USA), IAMGOLD Corp (USA), Kinross Gold Corporation (USA), New Gold Inc. (USA), and Yamana Gold Inc. (USA). The companies were ranked by their revenue during calendar year 2016. Insider Monkey previously created a list of the 10 biggest gold mining companies in the world, which includes some Canadian gold miners.

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