10 Most Advanced Countries in Europe

If we think of Europe we need to know that there are 46 countries and about 740 million people in Europe. Around two centuries ago, Europe was the place of probably the biggest milestone in the world’s history, that is, the place where the Industrial Revolution started. This brought to its development, and it is probably the reason why Europe is a home to some of the greatest achievements today. Not just that it is economically and technologically developed, but it also offers some of the best world’s universities where the best students study. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most advanced countries in Europe.

The human development index in United Kingdom is 0.909, putting this country in the 16thplace internationally. The life expectancy in this country is 80.8, and the average years of schooling are 13.3. The gross national income is $37,931. Although one of the smallest European countries, Liechtenstein is on the list of very developed countries with HDI of 0.912. The life expectancy is 80.2, while the average years of studying are 12.4. The GNI in this country is $75,065. The human development index in Sweden is 0.913. Regarding the life expectancy, it is 82.3, while the average years of schooling are 12.3. The gross national income in Sweden is $46,251. You can also check our list of 10 Most Advanced Countries in Asia.

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