10 Most Advanced Countries in Asia

If we think about this topic we usually consider Japan and China as the most advanced countries in Asia, but as a matter of fact within this continent we can find other developed countries which have high technology as well. Naturally if we think of punctual work Japan comes to mind, but there are lots of things we don’t know about Asia, and Asian countries. So checking this list will be amusing for you. In order to get the best information about these countries we consulted sites such as Human Development Index that gives data from 2016 and 2015. IT gave highly detailed information about standard of living, education and healthy life. Where HDI is high that shows that countries economies are developed and people have a great prospect to have advancement, too. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most advanced countries in Asia.

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The United Arab Emirates has HDI of 0.840 which means very high human development. The average life expectancy in this country is 77.1, and expected years of schooling are 9.5. The gross national income is $66,203. Saudi Arabia has the human development index of 0.847 and is again among the countries with a very high HDI. This places Saudi Arabia on the 38th place in the world. Regarding the life expectancy, it is 74.4 and the expected years of schooling are 9.6. GNI in Saudi Arabia is $51,320. And last but not least we can mention Qatar now, that occupies the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula has the HDI of 0.856, which makes it being the 33rd within the world. You can also check our list of Most Advanced Countries in South America.

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