15 Easiest German Words and Phrases to Learn for Tourists

Learning languages means hard work but it pays off. I can agree with it, as I can speak several languages, as English is not my mother tongue. Before visiting a country I like to learn couple of sentences in that certain language. At least: “hello”, “how are you?”, “How can I get to the…?” and so on. It isn’t a big something and I don’t find myself in an unpleasant situation. But of course it doesn’t mean that I will understand everything or I could do academic writing – no. Anyway it’s always a good idea to study some sentences when you plan to travel. Insidermonkey experts made a complete list of 15 easiest German words and phrases to learn for tourists will be very useful to read.

On planning a trip to Germany, my advice is the same. Although Germans can speak English very well and fluently, they like – as a matter of fact every nation appreciates – if you can speak a few words or phrases. German is not as easy language, though. But perhaps after checking Insider Monkey’s list you will expect to learn this language. In these days it is very easy to find someone whom you can chat with in German, for instance in social media. You may speak to the person in English, and he/she can answer in German. This is a specific language with specific pronunciation, and they often use very, very long words. You can also check our list of 11 Easiest Languages to Learn for Anyone.

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