World’s 10 Largest Telecom Companies By Subscribers

The world’s top ten telecommunications companies each have a market value of more than $50 billion. Servicing the world’s ever-growing telephone and wireless connection needs, the telecommunications industry is forecast to continue to expand operations on a global level. More individuals in emerging markets are signing up for telephone and Internet contracts, while new telecommunications technologies in developed nations are expanding pre-existing customer bases of providers. Insidermonkey experts made a list of world’s 10 largest telecom companies by subscribers.

While several company attributes can distinguish the top telecommunications companies in the world, market value serves as the determining factor that arranges this list of the top ten telecommunications companies. We should note that the size of one’s subscriber base does not necessarily translate to earning power or profitability. Among the 10 companies listed in this article, only five were included in the list of the 10 largest telecom companies in the world by revenue.

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