10 Biggest Companies That Hire Felons

Ex-felons get a raw deal when it comes to employment. Despite the fact that approximately 70 million (nearly one in three) Americans have a criminal record, it can present a difficult barrier to overcome in a job search. According to one study, previously incarcerated workers are 15% to 30% less likely to find a job upon release, and the U.S. economy misses out on an estimated $60 billion annually due to the loss of labor.But a new White House initiative aims to give ex-felons a fairer shake in the job market, and a slew of major corporations are getting on board. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 biggest companies that hire felons.

Called the Fair Chance Business Pledge, the initiative counts Facebook, Starbucks, American Airlines and many others among its signers. “A lot of time, [a] record disqualifies you from being a full participant in our society—even if you’ve already paid your debt to society,” President Obama said in a speech at Rutgers College last November. “It means millions of Americans have difficulty even getting their foot in the door to try to get a job, much less actually hang on to that job. That's bad for not only those individuals, it's bad for our economy.” You can also check our list of 7 easiest felonies to commit without realizing it.

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