11 Most Profitable Niches For Blogging

In my opinion, the best method of choosing a profitable niche is "giving more importance to the niche your are competent with, rather than choosing a niche by only the number of potential audiences". Usually we do what, find niches with high volume of audiences, searches expecting better results in return. But what actually happen, we forget to care how competent we are with it. So we struggle to produce content of that exceptional qualities what will bring out big successes. For example, "Health & Nutrition" is very profitable niche for blogging. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most profitable niches for blogging.

To be honest, I don't have the ABC knowledge of this niche. So I would rather avoid this niche for not being competent with my abilities, though having a lot of financial potentials. You should choose a niche depending on your ability. The volume of target audiences is important, but you should give first priority to the choice of ability, then the number of audience. You know what, it actually worked for me, so could for you. The most profitable niche for you will be anything for your expertise areas.
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