25 Best Crime Documentaries on YouTube

A study of crime can give us insights into a lot of things, including social issues and how it affects people, the psychological impact of crime, and the kind of people more likely to resort to crime, and why. However, some of these documentaries can deal with unpleasant aspects and many people don’t want to know about all the nastiness out there. But for those who are curious about crime, these documentaries are a great way to understand the human psyche. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best crime documentaries on YouTube.

Some crime documentaries are documentary in nature while others are investigative. Investigative documentaries can actually help solve cases and provide insights into a crime that has not been solved so far. Sometimes, they also help prove a person innocent of a crime for which they have been convicted. If you don’t have a streaming subscription, no need to worry. There are a large number of crime documentaries on YouTube. You can also check our list of  25 Best Full Length Documentaries to Watch on YouTube for Free.

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