10 Most Affordable Best Smelling Candles in The World

Candles used to be very expensive at one point of time. We now know that candles were in vogue even as far back as 200 BC. These were made of whale fat. For the whole of history, candles have mostly been made of fats from different animals. The 18th century saw the use of oils such as colza and rapeseed oils to make candles. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most affordable best smelling candles in the world.

The 19th century brought the technologies that could use paraffin wax to produce candles at a much cheaper rate. The making of candles was a skilled job and Chandlers were in great demand. They would make house calls and make new candles according to the specifications of their customers. Any party given in the household meant a hefty pay packet for the Chandler. You can also check our list of Best Luxury Candles in the World.

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