16 Best Places To Visit in USA in April

April brings monsoon with it. It is a nice month of the year when you get to smell the fresh fragrance of the rain and the greenery. If you’re prepared and ready for the showers, you can actually have a great trip. Those studying in high school get their spring break in April. If you have teen kids, then maybe April is the time for you to plan your vacation. To help you plan your vacation, Insidermonkey experts made a list of best places to visit in the USA in April.

We searched for articles that we could obtain some information from and use that as our starting point to create this list. We retrieved the information from articles published in Money Crashers, Huffington Post, and Travel and Leisure. We selected those destinations which appeared in all the three articles. We then searched for the price of the flights to these places by using International Airport source point. You can also check our list of 15 Best Places To Visit in USA in May.

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