10 Most Powerful and Influential Companies In America

What are the factors that we would need to explore to find out the most powerful and influential companies in the United States? Maybe one of the factors could be money and we could use financial figures like the profit and revenue. The brand value affects the sales of the company as it determines how the clients see the company and if they would be willing to pay more for its services or products. This is the main reason why many companies try to promote their brand image. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most powerful and influential companies in America.

The number of employees of a company tells us about the size of the firm. Those companies with more employees exercise more political influence as new jobs and good wishes are in most politicians’ agenda. The political connections of the top level management also need to be taken into consideration as many firms try to get specific laws in place that could be beneficial for them and their company but this also plays a role in the international level.

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