9 Neighborhoods to Avoid in Brooklyn

 It is common knowledge that when one travels to Brooklyn, they first tend to think of their and their family’s safety. As Brooklyn is part of New York, both of these cities are seen as one single state. There occurs a lot of crimes here and the focus is usually on that. Recently, New York’s crime rate has fallen from what was maintained before. But unfortunately, crime still persists. Many tourists feel that Brooklyn is a nice place to visit or stay. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 9 neighborhoods to avoid in Brooklyn.

New York has had an above average rate of crime in the past. Slowly, though the crime rate is falling, the reputation and the fear remain. It was quite difficult to know what was the actual scenario as one-half claimed that Brooklyn was a quite a nice place while the other half claimed that it was terrible. In order to create this list, we used information from websites like Virtual Tourist and TripAdvisor along with the NYPD website. You can  also check our list of 10 Worst, Poorest, and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City.

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