7 Biggest Fault Lines in US

Any one of the fault lines in the United States could be the reason for an earthquake which could affect and/or destroy the lives of the people across the country. It might even affect many places across the globe. A great deal of America’s big cities lie on the Earthquake Fault Line. This means that a lot of earthquakes happen near this area. The placement of cities would have been very different had this knowledge been available before. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 biggest fault lines in US.

Science has helped mankind understand what are earthquakes and why do they occur. It is even possible to predict them. The number of victims or casualties is directly proportional to the level of technology of the affected community. In 2010, the earthquake in Chile caused only about 600 deaths in spite of being an earthquake with 8.8 magnitude. During the same year, a very weak earthquake hit Haiti. If you feel interested you can also check our list of 11 Biggest Fault Lines in the World.

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