7 Easiest Forms of Martial Arts to Learn For Self Defense

Violence should be avoided as much as possible, but not at all costs. Unlike you and I, there are bad people in this world, and at times violence is unavoidable. Because of this, one of the most important skills a man can have is the ability to protect himself and his family from an attacker. There are hundreds if not thousands of martial arts styles out there but we’ve put together a list of the best of the best. Knowing any one of them (especially #1) can turn your body into a veritable weapon. Insidermonkey experts made the list of 7 easiest forms of martial arts to learn for self defense.

Although some of them, in my opinion, would never work in a hostile atmosphere and would probably get you killed, there are others that I studied that will send the assailants in the opposite direction. I also picked up some practical experience on the way when I was attacked by a guy with a knife, so I can say which martial art I instinctively chose given the situation; it worked. You can also check our list of 11 Most Dangerous Sports in the World.

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