25 Best States For Architects

Despite attempts by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) to standardize, homogenize and socialize architectural licensing requirements among the States, for the time being each State still has the right and obligation to set its own requirements for engaging in the practice of architecture. In this regard, all States are not created equal. Some are more hostile to the architectural community than others. This “hostility” takes form in the application of regulative barriers set up by the governing board of architects that increase the cost & desirability of practicing architecture. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for architects.

It is important to know which States are at the head of the game – in terms of hostility towards architects. So I have created a “Hostility Index” comprised of 7 different metrics which analyze and rate the barriers that States apply to our profession. These barriers include initial registration requirements, continuing education requirements, fees and penalties. You can also check our list of 8 Highest Paying Countries For Architects.

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