11 Best Virtual Reality Games For iPhone

You want the best iPhone VR apps and games? Well, there's a whole App Store for that, even if there isn't an iPhone VR headset equivalent to the Google Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR. Getting yourself into the exciting world of iPhone virtual reality is easy. All you need is your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus – or any iPhone running iOS 10. The necessary motion sensors, processing power and crisp screen resolution are right in your pocket. Oh, and you'll need a headset. But don't worry, those are relatively cheap. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best virtual reality games for iPhone.

Google Cardboard goes for £15 (US$20, AU$25) and despite its Android origins, it's compatible with your iPhone. It has lenses and a mechanism to secure your phone into the headset, so when you move your head in the real world, you can look around in the virtual one. If you don't fancy the cardboard build, there are plenty of other designs to choose from, too. Until Apple unveils its own virtual reality device, Google's solution is the only option for iOS users. You can also check our list of 5 Best VR Headsets to Buy for iPhone in 2016.

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