6 Types of Art that Sells Best Online

What are the most popular themes and subjects which sell art? Are these questions important to an artist? Why would an artist want to know the most popular subjects? Would it make a difference to their artistic output? Let's take a look at the best-selling themes for paintings and try to answer some of these questions. Most serious artists would probably not take too much interest in currently popular themes or subjects, thinking their efforts should reveal the "truth" about themselves or their subjects. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 types of art that sell best online.

However for many, shall we say, leisure artists who would like to be able to make a little cash from their favorite hobby, it is of considerable interest. I am not saying that anyone should paint a subject simply to sell it but of course I would not say that this does not happen. Also, a working artist in a tourist area may well find that they can sell paintings of local scenes, even though they long to paint expressionist portraits. You can also check our list of the 5 Largest Online Retailers in the World.

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