11 Most Successful, Entertaining Twitch Streamers

Twitch’s category for creative streams is closing in on its ten-month anniversary, and in that time it’s seen some amazing broadcasters take to the platform—from cooks, to musicians, to artists, and everything in between. Since its launch on Oct. 28 last year, which kicked off with the inaugural Bob Ross The Joy of Painting marathon, Twitch Creative has grown to almost 100,000 unique broadcasters, with 40 percent of the partnered Creative channels being women. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the most successful, entertaining Twitch Streamers.

Creative was also Twitch’s first official move away from game play. The site implemented a tagging system so viewers could easily identify broadcasters by their activities, like #drawing, #animation, and #cosplay. At the start of July, Twitch went one step further, launching a Social Eating category so broadcasters could interact with their viewers while eating their favorite meals—a phenomenon that is huge in South Korea. You can also check our list of the 10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels in 2016.

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