7 Best Chromebook Apps for College

If you’re a college student, and you have a Chromebook, you probably want to know what are the best apps you can get so you can boost your productivity, prepare for exams, and ace your classes. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 7 the best and free Chromebook apps for college students that you can pick and choose to add to your laptop depending on which ones you need- pretty much the essentials. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 7 best Chromebook apps for college.

Then, we’ll give you a list of some awesome apps that any college student could take advantage of. They may not all apply to your studying or productivity flow, but you can pick out whatever suits your needs and grab them on your laptop. Sound good? Good You can also check our list of the 6 best Google apps for Chromebook.

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