What Are The Monthly Average Realistic Returns of a Forex Trader?

When it comes to returns, Forex trading profits are unrivaled. This is due to the nature of the markets, which can either make you one of the richest in the world or one of the poorest. Of course gaining immense amounts of capital in a short time is possible, but the smaller the account, the less the chances of doing so. We hear stories of that one kid from a lower class family that started trading and in a short amount of time made millions. These stories are heart-warming and inspirational, but usually always due to superhuman focus on daily learning and trading till all that work pays off. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the monthly average realistic returns of a Forex trader.

There is also another type of story too. The story of the guy who made millions trading a few days, then lost everything because he was convinced he had found the holy grail - when in fact, he was just lucky at the beginning. I don't blame people for making this rookie mistake either. Without proper trading principals, failing is easy. But you can't be lucky all the time, unfortunately. We can not expect that the stars will always align in our favor. It is important to understand that in spite of luck being a welcomed factor, it's not a reliable one. You can also consider reading the realistic Forex trading returns you should expect.

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