10 Countries that Export the Most Cheese in the World

Cheese is a well-known and popular dairy food throughout the world. Milk is the main ingredient and comes from cows, sheep, and goats. Cheeses come in various forms; hard or soft, herded or smoked, aged or fresh. The list goes on and on. For many people, cheese is the perfect finish to a delicious dish. For others, cheese is never on their plate. The difference is cultural. Although not everybody consumes cheese, the world economy has a high demand for it; in response, some countries have included it in their exports. This list of the countries that export the most cheese in the world created by Insidermonkey experts looks at top cheese exporters around the world and ranks them by the value of their exports. This ranking reflects neither consumption nor production.

Cheese has a long history in dairy farming nations. Citizens within these countries often take pride in their unique cheeses because of the cultural identification they represent. This dairy product is a valuable food item and when consumed in moderation has a high nutritional value. Demand for cheese has gradually increased over the last decade and as Asian markets begin to develop a taste for it, that demand will only grow. This is good news for the top exporters in the world as it provides the opportunity to expand. Also check out our article on the 11 most expensive cheeses in the world!

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