8 Countries that Produce the Most Pistachios in the World

Pistachio is a very famous dry fruit it is widely consumed as food it was cultivated in 6750 BC and now it is widely cultivated all around the world specially in the regions of  Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, China, Tunisia, Tajikistan, India, Egypt, Italy, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Pistachio is a member of cashew family it grows on small tree and its cultivation weathers are very severe like coldest winters and hot summers i.e.  -15 degrees to 45 Celsius temperature. Here is the list made by Insidermonkey experts about the countries that produce the most pistachios in the world.

Pistachio has hard outer shell having cream color and the seed has a fauvism skin with light green color but after ripening this all change into yellow or red color. Pistachio is rich in saturated fat, carbs and protein it is widely used in sweet dishes, ice cream, salads, biscuits and chocolates, especially famous for Turkish delights and American pistachio salad. World is producing huge amount of pistachios every year a report said that whole world is producing around 10 million metric tons of pistachios every year and Iran is leading the world in production of pistachio. You might want to take a look at the countries that produce the most sugar in the world. In that article you can learn why sugar is not healthy, and how can you get addicted to it.

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