11 Investing Books Billionaire Warren Buffett Wants You to Read

When Warren Buffett started his investing career, he would read 600, 750, or 1,000 pages a day. Even now, he still spends about 80% of his day reading. "Look, my job is essentially just corralling more and more and more facts and information, and occasionally seeing whether that leads to some action," he once said in an interview. "We don't read other people's opinions," he says. "We want to get the facts, and then think." To help you get into the mind of the billionaire investor, Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 11 investing books Warren Buffett wants you to read.

When Buffett was 19 years old, he picked up a copy of legendary Wall Streeter Benjamin Graham's "Intelligent Investor." It was the one of the luckiest moments of his life, he said, because it gave him the intellectual framework for investing. Buffett said that "Security Analysis," another groundbreaking work of Graham's, had given him "a road map for investing that I have now been following for 57 years." After completing this you can check out our top 50 books to read before you die.

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