10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Illinois

Everyone wants a home that mixes affordability with comfort and Illinois does this very well. Families love the Prairie State’s beaches, midlands, and mountains as tourists before moving here and calling it home. But before you decide to relocate, you have to do some research into the exact cost of living around the state — and that’s how we’re going to help you. These are the places in Illinois that cost a pretty penny — the most expensive cities in the state. After saved up for months and could finally afford it. Insidermonkey experts landed this list of the most expensive cities to live in Illinois.

Winnetka, Oak Brook, Western Springs: These cities aren’t just some of the best places to live in Illinois. They are also home to some of the richest people in the Prairie State. Winnetka in particular houses the richest residents in the state thanks, in part, to a median household income of $207,540 and a ridiculously low poverty rate of 1.8%. If you’re thinking of moving to one of these towns, you’ll probably need to start saving. The richest places in Illinois share common characteristics such as having a genius level populous, sky high home prices, and a Pleasant villa level of married couples. You can also check our list of the 10 most expensive cities to live in Japan.

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