10 Countries that Export the Most Cut Flowers in the World

Cut flowers are some of the most important cultivation of flowers. Products sold globally, along with flower bulbs, cut foliage, and live whole flower plants. Cut flowers are those that have been picked or cut and thus dismembered from their stems. The Dutch have especially long been known for their cut flower exports, though other countries are increasingly taking up more of the global market share of the sector, especially in Africa and South America. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that export the most cut flowers in the world.

The trend of giving it a form of industry began during the 19th century and started in England so we can easily know that England founded this great and fastest growing industry around the globe. The floral industry consisted on three major heads, growers, wholesalers and the retailers respectively. But in modern and recent trade, the trend of eliminating the intermediaries is increasing rapidly. and it is only for the attainment of quick and least expensive flowers. You may also want to read our article on the 8 countries that export the most apples in the world.

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