Top 9 Travelling Budget Tips and Tricks

The economy may be wobbly, but our travel dreams are still strong — for good reason. Europe is every bit as magical as ever, and no recession can change that. What matters is how well you manage your travel budget, and how you use those skills to create a better trip. Playing your cards right, and spending less will lower the barrier that separates you and the culture you've traveled so far to experience. To help you keep your dream trip affordable, here are top 9 traveling budget tips and tricks prepared by Insidermonkey experts.

You'll easily meet other travelers at hostels and at bed and breakfasts, both of which often encourage activities and interaction among their guests. For example, Hostel Inn, a chain of hostels located in South America, offers pub crawls, tango show outings, bike tours, city tours and other activities at select locations. Unlike most hotels, hostels typically have common areas where chess games, Scrabble, Ping-Pong or lengthy conversations with other travelers take place. Even if you happen to be the oldest one in the room, don't look at your fellow guests as immature travelers with whom you have nothing in common. You have plenty in common -- including your desire to save money, your keen sense of adventure, your capable storytelling abilities and, of course, your love of travel. Before ending the post we have prepared another treat – 10 Jobs that will allow me to travel the world.

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