10 Least Competitive Dental Schools in America

Dental school admissions committees take the time to carefully review the many different elements of each dental school application.  In this article, we will review the different components that dental schools consider when evaluating applicants, and discuss how you can become more competitive by excelling in each areas. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about 10 least competitive dental schools in America.

First off, it should be made clear that no dental school is easy to gain admission into. This ranking is about the easier dental schools that students worried about admission should aim to include on their application lists. Everyone wants the averages of the easiest US dental schools to get into. Published numbers aren't always current, and numbers don't give you the complete picture. Keep in mind that GPA is not everything! The DAT is also an important factor, as well as other factors such as tuition. For example, a school with the lowest GPA average may have one of the most stringent DAT requirements. Some of you may dispute this ranking list, however, keep in mind that this is just for a general sense of which dental schools may be easier to gain admission into. If your academic performance was so poor that you do not meet criteria for schools that are easiest to get into, do not worry. You can check these 10 least competitive medical specialties in America, where you will find out that some programs admit students who have GPA of 2.3.

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