Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Active in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Work

Many celebrities are not just famous for their talent. In fact, they use their fame and influence to reach out to the rest of world who are in need and make a difference in terms of disaster relief and humanitarian work. Oftentimes, their involvement is met with skepticism and controversy – people wonder whether it is for real or just a show to draw more attention. The negative notion may well be eschewed because which celebrity in his or her right mind is willing to get humiliated? Getting involved with environmental and social issues can be taxing and requires dedication. But here they are, openly embracing the challenges for a good cause. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about top 10 celebrities who are active in disaster relief and humanitarian work.

Stars from Taylor Swift to Angelina Jolie regularly take time out of their busy schedules to do good, lending their star power to a variety of important causes. Landing in the top spot is Oprah Winfrey. Her organization called Oprah’s Angel Network supports many global charitable projects and nonprofit organizations. It also helped raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and raised awareness on the issues and problems in Africa. The goal is to raise awareness and support many causes concerning different issues like the environment, AIDS and HIV, and those that affect women and children all over the world. If you are interested to read something that will also bring an optimistic view today, go ahead and check out  our article on top 10 deadly diseases cured in the 20th century.

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