11 States with Highest Number of Exonerations

Exoneration has become much more common than it was a generation ago. Since the death penalty was reinstated in the 1970s, 139 people have been exonerated from death rows in 25 states; this is roughly one exonerate for every eight people executed. This increase in exoneration is due in large part to forensic DNA testing, which was first introduced into a U.S. court in 1986 and has since been refined greatly, so that results can be obtained in cases where earlier testing was inconclusive. DNA exoneration's have proven to the public that innocent people do get convicted, frequently because of false eyewitness statements, incompetent defense attorneys, false confessions, snitch testimony, and prosecutor misconduct. Here is the list by Insidermonkey Experts about the 11 states with the highest number of exonerations.

A record number of defendants were exonerated of crimes in 2014, according to The National Registry of Exoneration's' annual report released. Last year saw 125 exoneration, the most since 1989, when the registry a project of the University of Michigan Law School began tallying the number of people cleared of crimes for which they were wrongfully convicted. Texas had the most exoneration last year, with 39, followed by New York with 17 and Illinois and Michigan with seven each. Additionally, there were eight federal exoneration last year. After finishing this you can also consider reading these 10 states with the death penalty and that use it the most. 


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