8 Most Profitable Foreign Languages to Learn for Job Seekers

While English is the most widely used international language for business, academia and tourism, being a monolingual, native-speaker of English will actually put you at a serious disadvantage during your job search. English just won’t cut the mustard anymore! The world and its businesses and industries are more tightly-connected than ever before, and successful business people must be able to cross different cultures as well as different languages. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about most profitable foreign languages to learn for job seekers.

With a bit of dedication and practice anyone can learn a foreign language. Being multi-lingual is a valuable skill that can help to build your resume, make you more employable, help you earn more money, and open up opportunities for both travel and work abroad. Are you ready to learn a foreign language? There are thousands of languages in the world that are spoken on a daily basis, yet there are certain languages that are more profitable than others. These profitable languages can help to foster communication and break down barriers between individuals and businesses. Incidentally, some of these languages also made it to our list of The Five Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers so picking your first foreign language may just have become easier!

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