11 Best Rated Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015

You've seen the best horror films, comedies, romantic flicks, films featuring a Strong Female Lead, just overall best movies, and even the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now. But sometimes, you don't want actors, at least in the traditional sense. You don't want manufactured dialogue either. You don't want to be mindlessly entertained. You want something real to engage with, something to offer an argument for you to turn over. You may just want a documentary. You know documentaries, right? Those things featuring real people and problems; those things that don't have scripts? Don't let the lame stream media fool you—while there's a bit of a cliché that documentaries can't live up to the excitement of something like Die Hard, we'd like to beg to differ. Documentaries are often braver, more compelling modes of storytelling, even though most don't feature Bruce Willis. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about 11 best rated documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2015 

For most of us when we hear the word ‘documentary’ we almost always think of one film – that one time we gave the genre a chance. More often than not that one time turned out to be great, but it didn’t refer us to any other ones. That is because we believe that documentaries would only suit a particular mood, one we are almost never in. You can also check the list of best political documentaries.

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