10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in Germany

Germany is not the most expensive country – consecutively studying in Germany is more affordable and convenient. Besides, it overflows culturally, historically, of beautiful nature, extracurricular activities, top universities and lecturers providing exceptionally useful skills and knowledge. A list made by Insidermonkey experts about the 10 most expensive cities to live in Germany. The list has been extracted from the data from numbeo.com and the ranking is based on renting and utilities’ prices as the major factors to determine expenses! Referring to the determining factor: the simple reason why rent is the basis is that there are many discounts for students as far as tickets for entertainment and recreational events, clothing, food, health insurance and others.

Nonetheless, in the most sought-after cities in Germany rent is rising as a proportion of income, leaving people with less money to enjoy the things that brought them to the town in the first place. Mind you for those who have chosen to leave London to live in Germany's capital there will be comfort to know that while in the British capital they were paying an average of 72 percent of their salary in rent, in Berlin that proportion is still far, far lower. You can also see in our article on most expensive cities to live in France.

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