Top 11 Philippine Fraternities and Sororities

A fraternity is an organization where the members call and consider each other as brothers and sisters. And like a family, these brothers and sisters have an organization father who is usually the founder of the fraternity. In an ideal situation, the members interact like a traditional blood related family. Fraternity names can be of Greek letters or non­ Greek letters. Generally, the goals of these organizations center on scholastic achievement, professional advancement, service, fellowship, the betterment of their members. Admittance to these fraternities are by the fulfillment of certain rites of passage. And though it is not a common practice in Philippine, there are some fraternities and sororities out there. And to give them more recognition, Insidermonkey featured an article on the top Philippine fraternities and sororities. Check it out and see if you stumbled upon any of them.

A fraternity or sorority is an organized society of men and women associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood dedicated to the intellectual, physical, moral, religious, and social development of its members. As much as we hope for the best to inform you about the benefits of these organization, as we are speaking of Philippine, I want you to take a quick detour and tell about the 9 Best Places to See in the Philippines Before You Die as well!

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