6 Highest Grossing Nightclubs in the World

For many the nightclub may simply be a necessary evil, a den of inequity to be visited on certain rare occasions or a memory of over-priced, youthful nights past. For others, the international club scene is the only way to party. And man do these clubs let you party in style. With cocktail menus in the tens of thousands and champagne bottles in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, nights out at these exclusive venues don’t come cheap. And while you may have the money to cross the rope into one of these clubs, you often need the status too. While some of the nightclubs on this list of Insidermonkey feature vastness, others have limited space and take a more selective approach to their clientele. Either way these are the 6 highest grossing nightclubs in the world.

Aside from the obvious expense that goes into partying in such style, tables at these nightclubs are seriously hard to come by. So, as much as you may possesses the desire to party like an oil tycoon, unless you actually are one you may have trouble getting served. Another strategy generally more successful for the ladies, is that if you’re attractive enough, the club may want you seen at one of their parties just as much as you want to be seen in their club. For the rest of us however, we can but hope and dream. In all these clubs we’re sure that you’re going to find the 11 most sold cocktail drinks around the world.

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