7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Heart Disease

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 different compounds. A significant number of them are toxic and can damage our cells including heart. If you've ever wondered exactly what you might be breathing in when you inhale cigarette smoke, this list of the Insidermonkey featuring 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Heart Disease is a real eye opener.

Breathing tobacco smoke causes changes in your blood. Your triglyceride level rises, and your “good cholesterol” level falls. The chemicals in tobacco smoke also prevent your body from repairing damaged places in the lining of your arteries. Clots are more likely to form in a damaged artery. Smoking is one cause of dangerous plaque buildup inside your arteries. Plaque is made of cholesterol and scar tissue. It clogs and narrows your arteries. This can trigger chest pain, weakness, heart attack, or stroke. Plaque can rupture and cause clots that block arteries. Completely blocked arteries can cause sudden death. And that's not all. Smokers should know about these 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes that Cause Cancer as well.

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