11 Places with the Most Moderate Climate in the World

A forgiving climate works wonders for your health and complexion. But what’s too hot or cold for one person can be just right for another. In looking for the 11 places with the most moderate climate in the world, experts of Insidermonkey assessed not only the hard data, temperatures, rainfall and humidity, but also assessed the comfort level of each destination’s climate by talking to as many expats as they could find. So, take a look!

For many people, an important consideration when moving overseas is the weather. Usually we yearn to escape harsh winters, snow, rain, and dream of living in a place where the sun shines every day and you don’t have to worry about scraping ice from your car before heading out to buy some milk! Where is the best climate in the world? If climate is a major factor for you when deciding where to retire/buy a second home/start a new life overseas, and is looking for the answer, then Insidermonkey is here to give a little help. And for further researches there is another article featuring 11 countries with the best climate in the world as well.

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