20 Popular Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Software

Certain types of software have long had a reputation for being very expensive. As cloud computing has become more popular, many popular software packages have switched to a monthly subscription model rather than charging users a one-time fee. While these subscriptions often look inexpensive on a monthly basis, the fees can really add up over time. While there are many good reasons to consider open source applications, the ability to avoid or reduce these fees continues to be a primary factor for many users. With that in mind, experts of Insidermonkey made a list of the 20 popular open source alternatives to expensive software. Don't forget to check them out!

Not every proprietary program can drive a person crazy, right? Some, like Adobe Photoshop, are superb tools for anyone to use. But, the fact that these tools are proprietary can drive open source fanatics up a wall. It’s not the price of the software that makes the real difference; it’s the idea that proprietary software comes with boundaries that keeps the user experience confined to. Moreover, your OS could breathe some freedom into your computer with these GNU/Linux. And speaking of freedom, you should take a look at the 7 ways to make your computer run faster.

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