11 Best Places to Stay in Upstate New York

One of the best things about visiting Upstate New York is getting to stay overnight. There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh air and a pot of coffee brewing on the stove. If you are interested, there’s a quick round up of the best places to stay in Upstate New York.

New York is known for the lights of Manhattan, the towering Statue of Liberty and the bustling Grand Central Station. But this state represents far more than New York City. The grand Adirondack Mountains display the proud legacy of the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts, and the revitalized Catskills build on their rich history of hospitality. You’ll find the state’s storied past in Saratoga and Albany, and untouched wilderness in Adirondack Park. Fine wine flows from vineyards in the Chautauqua and Finger Lakes regions. Some of these lakes are so well preserved that, in fact, they are even on this list of 8 historical places in the East Coast.

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