20 Most Religious Cities In The United States

So how exactly is this characteristic measured? It is based on combined levels of regular reading of the Bible and belief in the text’s accuracy. Experts of Insidermonkey noted that common geographic stereotypes were reaffirmed in the most recent findings. Consider that the Midwest and South are distinguished as the most “Christian” regions in the U.S., while numerous cities on the East Coast were found to be some of the least religious-minded localities in the nation. Anyway, to know further about this, don't forget to check out the article of Insidermonkey featuring the 20 most religious cities in the United States.

Just because a city has a lot of churches doesn't necessarily mean it has a lot of religious citizens. For example, Seattle has the second-highest number of religious institutions per capita, but a full one-third of its residents are unaffiliated. Seattle is behind only Portland in a ranking of cities based on residents with no religious affiliation from the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute. Various studies have been conducted to in order to determine the most religious cities in the United States, as opposed to the 20 least religious cities in the United States.

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