13 Rappers Who Own Successful Clothing Lines

Rapper clothing lines were a rarity once upon a time. These days it seems like rappers get a clothing line as soon as they get a deal, which is unfortunate. Rappers are busy people and it's hard being a great artist in two demanding industries. Only a few have been able to pull it off. Some just put their name behind a line to make a quick buck which in turn diminishes their personal brand because the clothes are so trash. But still, if you want to know about clothing lines owned by rappers, check out the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled on 13 rappers who own successful clothing lines.

Most rappers tend to wear their money, showing off the goods with flashy jewelry and eccentricity. Many have ventured into actually designing and producing clothing, resulting in awful results. Only a few have actually been successful at maintaining and managing a retail business long-term. Check out those rapper who successfully owned clothing lines. Most often than not, you’ll notice that the clothes in these lines are sporty, so they’ll probably fit quite nicely with a pair of athletic footwear. You can check out the 11 most popular brands of sport shoes if you like.

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