11 Most Common Sexual Accidents in America

Sexual intercourse can be very risky. In this constant and intense research of pleasure, accidents can undoubtedly happen. Following are some of the most frequent accidents that can happen during sexual intercourse, transforming this erotic moment, which should be pleasant, into a not so likable one. In fact, emergency rooms have reported that at least twice a week people check in due to complication that has occurred while engaged in sexual activity with their partner. So, if you want to avoid those cases, you must know about the most common sexual accidents in America.

About everyone has to take a trip to the emergency room at some point in their life. We all just hope to God that it isn’t because of something that will have the nurses forming a crowd outside your room, giggling while they text all their friends about the idiot who just showed up with 3rd degree burns after trying to light his farts on fire. But stuff like that hardly ever happens, right? Well, humiliating injuries like that are a lot more common that you might think, and are being reported by hospitals in shocking numbers. And while these things sound more like plot lines for horrible romantic comedy, they are real-life happenings and more common than you may have imagined. Just ask anyone from any of the 11 biggest hospitals in the world.

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