12 Autism Websites For Parents and Teachers

Searching for autism information on the web can be overwhelming. The word “autism” alone results in millions hits on Google. So, where do you turn to for the most relevant information and resources  when there are so many different options? Experts of Insidermonkey made in depth researches, and compiled a list of the Top 12 Autism Websites For Parents and Teachers.

If your child has just been diagnosed with autism and you're not sure where to start, Insidermonkey has the sources for you. And whether you're looking for medical information, camaraderie, expert advice, autism-specific toys, best vacation plans for traveling with a child with autism, or just a shoulder to cry on, we have that resource as well. From national organizations to parent-written blogs to scholarship opportunities and even resources for siblings, these 12 websites provide all the information you need. Unfortunately, the majority of autism support groups and organizations are not located among the 11 countries with the highest rates of autism in the world.

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