11 Most Popular Songs About Texas

If there’s one thing to know about Texas, it’s that natives are never without a healthy dose of state pride, especially when it comes to songs. Country music has strong ties to the Lone Star State, and it shows by the sheer multitude of songs about Texas people, its places and its history spread throughout the genre. Interested in knowing those songs? Check out the article of Insidermonkey featuring the most popular songs about Texas!

Every state has a song or two about them, but very few of those songs end up as major hits. Songs like “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Oklahoma,” “California Girls” and “Empire State of Mind” prove there are some very recognizable songs out there about some of the nation’s most iconic states. However, few states have as many songs about them as the state of Texas. There is everything from blues and rock songs to show tunes and, of course, legendary country music songs about the state of Texas. Not only are there numerous songs about the state, but many of these songs went on to become monster hits in their specific genres. Of course, there are other states which have had hordes of songs written about them, like California, for instance, as you can see in our list of the 11 most popular songs about California

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