11 Worse States to Be A Nurse

A bachelor’s degree in nursing can be the first step towards realizing a successful nursing career. After that, hospitals are naturally the most obvious workplaces for aspiring nurses to land that first proper job. It’s fortunate, then, that there are many within the U.S. that really value their nursing staff, providing employees with a host of benefits, support teams and outstanding work environments, all designed to welcome fresh personnel and make them feel valued. But there are some states, that doesn't! So, if you are about to start your career as a nurse, according to the experts of Insidermonkey, you should avoid these 11 worst states to be a nurse.

Every state has it’s flaws. While some Nurses may have an average salary much high than a connecting state, the cost of living may outweigh it’s higher pay. With that in mind, experts of Insidermonkey decided to take stock of the nursing industry in order to help registered nurses, particularly the newly minted of the bunch, lay down roots in areas that are conducive to both personal and professional success. All you have to do is, avoid the states mentioned in their list! And moreover, it surely would be better if you can choose one of these 11 highest paying states for nurses in America.

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