11 Most Technologically Advanced Militaries in the World

It’s always fun to sit around and war-game which country could beat up which, and it’s even better when you have hard facts to back up your arguments. So, if you want to know which are the 11 most technologically advanced militaries in the world, or just curious about technologically advanced militaries, you must visit the link above and read what experts of Insidermonkey compiled. Trust me, you are gonna love it.
Prioritizing the five most powerful armies on Earth is not an easy task. Each country has its own unique security situation that shapes its military in general and land power in particular, accordingly. Obviously United States owns the competition. No military comes close anymore. As expected, Russia comes next, with a large geographic size, okay population, and high tech weapons from the old Soviet Union although their poverty is bringing them down. China and India come next with the largest populations and one of the largest land areas. China has the largest overall armed forces, India has the second largest overall armed forces. Anyway, if these known superpowers doesn't pick your interest, and you want to be surprised, you should see another article of ours featuring 11 African countries with the highest military strength instead!

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