11 Most Wanted Second-Home Spots in the U.S.

Holidays allow us to leave the clutter on our desks behind, turn off our work phones, set an out-of-office response on our emails and kick back. Whether catching up with friends and the latest gossip, sleeping in past 5 or 6 am, eating something that doesn’t require a microwave – or enjoying a vacation in one of your favorite getaway destinations and exploring new lands. But if you can afford, it is always better to have a second home just for holidays. So, since you have read this far, assuming you have the money, I present you the list of Insidermonkey featuring 11 most wanted second-home spots in the U.S. Just check out these places, surely you will not be disappointed.

Vacations are something that we universally enjoy and appreciate. And rather than booking a hotel or forking over a pretty wad of cash for a ski lodge or bed and breakfast, there are some lucky individuals who’ve invested in their own corner of paradise, their own holiday homes. This is the latest trend in real estate and even some lower earners are hopping on board with this bandwagon. When you think of holiday homes, you probably think of some lavish beach house overlooking tropical waters but this is not always the case. As we take a look at America’s most coveted holiday home destination spots, you’ll notice a price hike corresponding with the level of popularity.

Even for second home, communities received points for each of the lists on which they appeared. The resulting list includes places all over the country and in a variety of levels of affordability, with much more realistic family value than the 8 most secluded homes in the world.

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