11 Most Anti-Gay Countries in the World

Although many LGBT rights and acceptance have been gained in western world, homophobia still exists and the struggle for LGBT rights, particularly for gay people, continue on in many countries. So, if you want to know about the most anti-gay countries in the world, click on the link and read along!

From our cozy Western perspective, it can seem like the battle for LGBT rights is nearly over. Across Europe, Australia, North America, and most of South America, things like gay marriage and homosexual adoption are now either legal or being openly discussed. Only the most narrow-minded bigot would still think it was acceptable to discriminate against someone purely on the basis of their sexual orientation. The reality is a little different. Across the world, there are hundreds of governments that still do their best to make life miserable for LGBT people. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of the 10 countries with the biggest gay populations are among the harshest.

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