11 Deadliest Lakes in the United States

Few things are more inviting or soothing than fresh lake water. Wading in the cool water at the shore delights young and old alike and the thrill of diving into deep, calm water and gracefully rising to the surface is truly amazing. But like many beautiful, enticing gifts of nature, a number of lakes in the USA pose lethal danger. Before going for a trip, you should know what experts of Insidermonkey have to say about these 11 deadliest lakes in the United States.

When one hears the word “lake,” they might imagine a peaceful serene body of water, full of fish waiting to be caught, mountains in the distance, and singing birds. Others may imagine tepid water on a hot day, buzzing gnats and mosquitoes, and tall impassible reeds and grass. But not many people associate “lake” with “deadly.” But these 11 lakes are most certainly deadly, and many have a record for killing civilizations. After all, pollution can easily spread through groundwater, streams, and other modes to contaminate lakes. Most of the 11 most dangerous lakes in the world are deadly for their pollution. Lets see both list and see how many of these world's dangerous lakes are in the US!

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