11 Best Places to Visit in Dominican Republic for Families with Kids

Most Dominican places say they're great for kids, but some of them just take that extra step with safety, kid friendly pools, lots of activities, and rooms large enough for a family. These family friendly place will help you have a tantrum free trip with kid oriented features, from Muppet themed sing-a-longs to pirate ship water parks. So, if you are planning to visit Dominican Republic with your families, you should read this article of Insidermonkey featuring the best places to visit in Dominican Republic for families with kids first!

The Dominican Republic is part of the second-largest island in the Caribbean, Hispaniola, which it shares with the impoverished country of Haiti. The Dominican Republic side of the island is Spanish-speaking, and has enjoyed a relatively stable government for decades. Tourism has fuelled recent development. The Dominican Republic, as it's affectionately called, was claimed as a Spanish colony in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and fought over by France and Haiti until its citizens declared independence in 1844. The island's culture maintains its mixed heritage today. Known for such adult pleasures as cigars, rum, and meringue, the Dominican Republic also has great resorts for families. Just look at the places described on the article. You won't need any further explanation. And to complete your Dominican Republic vacation guide, do check out our list of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Dominican Republic Before You Die.

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