11 Best Basketball Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015

Basketball season is one of my personal favorites of the year, and when I’m in the mood, I like to watch a good documentary or six about the best basketball stories in history. Fortunately for you, some of the best basketball documentaries ever made are available for streaming on Netflix right now! And if you want to know about the best of them, please check out the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on 11 best basketball documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015.

Sports documentaries often have a bad rep. They are either blatantly sentimental or half-baked comedies. However, if you are looking for basketball documentaries to watch on Netflix, then there are actually some brilliant ones chronicling the stories of the game. Basketball is truly a wonderful sport and you might often have been shooting hoops and pretending to resonate your favorite player. There’s the same magic when you are watching basketball documentaries. Let’s take a look at the list I mentioned. If you are a basketball fan, surely you will like most of them. In case sports are not your thing, there is another list covering 11 best business documentaries on Netflix Instant in 2015 might pick your interest.

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